How celebrity producer and engineer DJ Prime time works with the biggest artist in the game

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Music is as old as humanity itself. Music can be dated back to forty three thousand years ago and the earliest fragment of musical notation is found on a four thousand year old Sumerian clay tablet in which includes instruction and tuning for a hymn offered as a prayer. Since then we have come a long way and music has evolved from playing a tune on bamboo flute to engineering electronic dance music. The sounds of EDM predates itself and there is a new artist in the market whose beats urge you to drop everything and just shake that booty.

We have observed different trends and movements throughout the music industry that have changed the world forever.

DJ Primetime is one such celebrity producer and has been working with the top of their game artists in the business.

He is absolutely driving his fans and audience crazy and in a frenzy with his lit beats on Instagram.

DJ Primetime has 19.4k followers on Instagram. Creating EDM music is not just about the selecting the right instrument and deciding on ‘Which equipment do I need to get?’,

‘What’s the best software?’,

‘Should I use PC or Mac?’ Or ‘What’s MIDI?’

Producing bone wrecking EDM requires you to be able to feel the beats through the pores of your fingers. DJ Primetime is at the top of the food chain when it comes to tours, festivals and clubs. He has done a lot more than living up to his name.

Few songs merit their own documentary. DJ Primetime has launched his new single Tik Tok Feat. DAIDMB, 1TAKEJAY, BLUEBUCKSCLAN

A great line-up of talent ensues on DJ Primetime’s latest single, “Tik Tok“ featuring 1TakeJay, BlueBucksClan, and Dai DMB. Compton’s Jay gasses vie punchlines earlier on the track, before a flexed verse from the Eastside’s most dangerous duo. Rap singer, DaiDMB comes with a lively verse, making for great traffic music.

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