Celebrity Predator Fans Rejoice

Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Connie Britton. (Photo: Getty Images)

For the first time ever, the Nashville Predators have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final — and a slew of celebrity fans were so excited they pretty much lost it. In case you aren’t up to speed on the NHL, the Predators have been around for 18 years and have never gotten this far. During a game at the Bridgestone Arena in their hometown, the Predators beat the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference finals. It was pretty much the best thing any of their fans had ever seen.

Kelly Clarkson shared a sweet pic of herself and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, sporting their best Predators hoodies. “GO PREDS!! #NSHvsANA see y’all in Nashville!!” she gushed.

A second pic showed her better half with their daughter, River Rose, perched on his lap (though it’s unclear how much the little one was hearing based on the noice-canceling headphones). “#GoPREDS #Nashville,” Clarkson added.

Clarkson was in good company too. Nashville alum Connie Britton shared an enthusiastic pic of herself celebrating with a few girlfriends. “GO PREDS!!!!!!! #smashville#stanleycupplayoffs,” she gushed. Though the pic is a little out of focus, the spirit of the moment is perfectly clear.

And then there was Carrie — Underwood, that is. She happens to be married to Mike Fisher, who plays for the Nashville team, and she has been quite excited watching the Predators as they marched toward these finals.

“Got my PREDicure for the game tonight! Thanks @the_jen_of_all_trades for the #SpiritFingers !!! #BlueAndGold#PredsPride #NSHvsANA #FangFingers#StanleyCupPlayoffs @predsnhl,” she explained beside a shot of her manicured hands, which featured the team’s signature colors.

“Ready…” she added beside a pic of herself from the back, showcasing her Predators jacket and a baseball hat that promised “Catchin’ Ducks.”

Carrie wasn’t alone for the big game, though. Another shot revealed the star flanked by girlfriends on either side, all in matching Predators jackets and “Catchin’ Ducks” caps, looking awesome.

“Going to the finals! #StanleyCupPlayoffs #PredsPride,” she added when the game wrapped with a shot of the players on the ice.

She finished up her Instagram flurry with a video showing the celebration happening in the arena. Wow … this crowd is amazing!!!!” she shared. “Oh yeah, the team isn’t too bad, either!”

The Predators will face off against either the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Ottawa Senators beginning next Monday, and another wave of celebrity-fueled Instagram posts will certainly ensue.

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