People are 'fuming' after opening the first two doors of their Celebrations advent calendars

Charlie Duffield
Last year there was also outrage when day one of the Celebrations advent calendar was a bounty!(Photo: Mars Wrigley UK)
Last year there was also outrage over day one of the Celebrations advent calendar (Photo: Mars Wrigley UK)

We’re only three days into December and there’s already been huge uproar from those tucking into one major chocolate advent calendar brand.

The makers of Celebrations advent calendars have been accused of ‘ruining Christmas’ and described as ‘trolls’ by customers.

Those celebrating the countdown to the festive season furiously vented their outrage on social media when the chocolate behind day one of the calendar turned out to be a Bounty.

And day two? Also, the ever-divisive bounty.

One customer described the double bounty whammy as the ‘worst start to December ever’.

The calendar features a variety of cult favourites such as Mars, Snickers and Twix - and it does feel like deja-vu, given that last year there was similar despair when a Bounty was behind the day one door.

However, Mars Incorporated, who make the popular advent calendar, appear unaffected by the widespread misery, and have responded to messages from loyal customers with a series of satirical cartoons, including one spelling out LOL using Bountys.

Mars responded to complaints about the Celebrations advent calendar with humour
Mars responded to complaints about the Celebrations advent calendar with humour (Photo: Celebrations)

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In a case of some expert trolling, these haven’t gone down too well.

A Mars Wrigley UK Spokesperson said:We all have our favourites – Bounty might be the last chocolate left in tub for some people, but for others two advent Bounty treats in a row get their season off to a great start!

“Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone in the calendar – no peeking on what comes next!”

Interestingly, according to Mars Wrigley UK, out of 2000 Brits surveyed on their favourite festive celebrations, 30 per cent claimed Bounty was their least favourite chocolate - but twenty per cent of the Bounty haters hadn’t actually tried a Bounty in over five years!

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And what chocolate was behind today’s day three door...?

That’ll surely keep the Bounty haters at bay.

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