How to Celebrate Christmas 2020 Safely During Coronavirus Pandemic

·2-min read

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has halted numerous important activities for millions. Now, with the holiday season around the corner, the pandemic continues to impact the celebrations. It is of utmost importance to avoid large gatherings and be vigilant through the festive cheer. The US might be receiving some dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, however, it doesn’t take cautiousness off the list of priorities.

Being a responsible citizen doesn't mean that you have to altogether skip the celebrations and holidays. A few safety guidelines and rules will protect you and your loved ones from falling sick. You don't have to scrap gift exchanges with family as there are alternate ways to enjoy such seasonal traditions.

- Try advance planning, it never hurts. Decide your gifts beforehand and shop online on time so that your order doesn’t reach late. In this way, shoppers can avoid crowded stores and can also send away holiday trinkets for it to directly arrive at their doorstep.

- Engage virtually as it is an option that poses the lowest risk. Well, as we get used to the new normal every day, engaging online for some of the most important celebrations is no more a rare concept. You can add fun to your at-home celebration by opening presents together with family over video conference calls.

- There is no one strategy to be safe during this holiday season. Small in-person gatherings this winter can be an option if you want to celebrate with people who don’t live with you. Nonetheless, if you are anyway going to host or attend a small celebration, then take note of the COVID infection rates in the particular region. Keep the headcount as limited as possible. Require those part of the gathering to wear face masks. Opt for a backyard area to extend the party space, if not, open windows for ventilation while indoors. Think pop-up tents and outdoor dining bubbles as they are some new and safer dining choices.

- If you are heading for a solo celebration, then have fun with decorations. Make DIY decor at home and other Christmas crafts to add cheer to the holiday season. Make treats for yourself and experiment with new recipes.

- There are ways to celebrate the holiday season outside the home, too. Wear a mask and remember social distancing while taking a wintry walk or hike. You can also go ice skating.