Can You Celebrate New Year 2021? Here's What Your State Has to Say Amid New Covid-19 Strain Scare

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On one hand, the total number of daily Covid-19 cases is declining in India, but on the other, there's a constant fear of crisis again due to the new "out-of-control" coronavirus strain found in the UK.

As a precautionary measure, India has banned flights from UK till December 31. Apart from this, Covid-19 seems to have dampened the festivities in various places this year. States like Maharashtra have already announced restrictions on New Year celebrations.

Here are the rules for different states:


Maharashtra government has prohibited the movement of party-goers and visitors coming in for Christmas and New year. The hotel and mall industry had high hopes from the new year before the coronavirus hit the market.

Due to more restrictions and night curfew by the Maharashtra government from December 22 to January 5, shops will not be permitted to stay open until late hours.

Typically during Christmas and New Years', many places, major shops and most of the malls in Mumbai will not be allowed to open till late. The night curfew in the state will remain between 11 pm to 6 am.

All the passengers arriving from Europe and Middle East countries will have to go through mandatory institutional quarantine for 14 days, while those arriving from other countries will have to be home quarantine. More precautions are taken in the state due to the new Coronavirus strain and it is essential to remain alert for the next 15 days, the Chief Minister said.

Tamil Nadu In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the Tamil Nadu government banned the New Year parties on beaches, hotels, clubs, and resorts on 31 December night and 1st January 2021.

There will be no entry to the beaches on these days, and no midnight revelries would be allowed on beach roads, restaurants, hotels, clubs, resorts including beach resorts, and similar places on New years eve and the following day. The regular functioning of hotels, restaurants, clubs, and resorts shall continue with the current standard operating procedures in place.


Night curfew is imposed in Ahmedabad to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. No New Year parties will be conducted on 31st December, a senior police official said on Monday. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Control Room) Harshad Patel said police will be deployed in uniform as well as plain clothes to nab those moving about in a drunken state or breaking outbreak norms.

"Since night curfew is already in effect in the city, all kinds of celebrations on the night of December 31 are prohibited. If police come across any such activity after 9:00 pm, appropriate action, including registration of FIR, will be taken against violators," Patel told reporters. He said those celebrating before 9pm need to follow all COVID-19 guidelines, including maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.