CEC Sunil Arora on Tamil Nadu and whether the prospective voters can be checked? | Frankly Speaking

In this edition of, Frankly Speaking, Navika Kumar is joined by the Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora. CEC Sunil Arora is responsible for the biggest poll body in the country. Before joining his last poll duty, Sunil Arora puts forth his opinion on polls in various states and the recent debate that was sparked off because of the eight phases poll that was announced for the state of West Bengal in the upcoming elections. Commenting on whether there will be enough machinery to keep a check on the voters who receive the money and are prospective voters, CEC Sunil Arora states that this is unfortunate that some states have now become synonymous with this sort of thing. He further presses on the idea of MCC and its duties, stating that in Tamil Nadu two special expenditure observers were placed.