CEC Sunil Arora: Rajinikanth & Kamal Haasan allotted symbols as per rules | EXCLUSIVE

In the first comment coming in from the Election Commission on the Autorickshaw symbol allotted to a party linked to Rajinikanth, the CEC said that the symbol has been allotted to an unrecognised political party and “presumably Rajnikant Ji had asked for that.”

He added that there are two criteria for the allotment of a symbol, “One was first come first serve and if any unrecognised party asks for a symbol which is already with a national party or something similar then that is not allotted. I was told by my senior colleague Mr Dharmendra Sharma that what asked was similar to a national party’s symbol so the second preference was given. Whether for his party or Kamal Hassan’s party, whatever has been allotted is as per the rules.”

He further clarified on Rajnikant that even he had no clarity on whether it was indeed the superstar’s party. The CEC said “Everybody says. I have no evidence. Have no signature on paper.”