CCI launches own cotton brand ‘Hira’

FE Bureau

Cotton Corporation of India launched its own cotton brand 'Hira' in Mumbai on Wednesday.
The need for a brand was felt for assuring the customers of a good and reliable quality input for spinning and further value addition.

As the single largest cotton trading company in India, CCI, under the ministry of textiles, has taken several initiatives to improve the quality of Indian cotton. As a result of these initiatives CCI is offering cotton with better quality parameters in terms of less moisture, less trash and better grade than the cotton available in the market.

CCI-Hira will assure its valuable customers the best quality cotton with the benefits of minimal trash (below 1.7 %), low moisture (below 8%), best grade (Rd 78 plus), optimal mic (3.8-4.2) and strength (29 g/tex plus), resulting in better realisation of value. It will also help Indian cotton gain international recognition by establishing a premium brand, P Alli Rani, CMD, CCI, said.

'Hira' with absolute reliability. 'Hira' is an acronym for " High in Reliable Attributes", she explained, adding that she has worked very hard to change Indian quality parameters under procurement by the CCI and currently it is the best quality at par with the international standards.

Industry veteran Suresh Kotak said that the establishment of CCI was done to support the Indian farmers and to
give quality and quantity to the textile industries. Atul Ganatra, president of CAI, said that government agencies like CCI and Maharashtra Federation are likely to procure 100 lakh + bales under MSP operations this season and there is no doubt that the quality of CCI is very good. The trade and textile industry is waiting for a reasonable rate of CCI's sale which is yet to be started.