CCD outlet at Jaipur's Hawa Mahal locked after slap controversy

The CCD outlet located inside Hawa Mahal in Jaipur was at the center of a controversy after a female worker slapped a customer, Arpan Verma, who was trying to shoot cockroaches present inside the food outlet. He mentioned that the female worker was shouting at him. After the slap, a voice can be heard questioning the customer why did he click the picture. The entire incident was shared by Nikhil Anand Singh on Twitter.

Female employee who slapped the customer.

The incident so goes that Arpan found bugs and cockroaches crawling in food inside a refrigerator at CCD and shot a video on his mobile phone. He also pointed towards the employee of the CCD outlet when the female employee walked up to him and slapped him for shooting the video and the video abruptly ended.

This just did not end over the slap, the complainant in his tweet clearly mentioned that the employee after slapping him accused him of harassment and started shouting at him in front of the other customers present there.

Twitter post of Nikhil Anand Singh

The premises of this outlet has now been locked. The staff of the outlet have taken away the entire belongings and moved base from there.

When India Today team visited the Hawa Mahal premises, it was told that the outlet was closed two days back, after the controversy broke out. An employee of Hawa Mahal, Rajesh, mentioned the CCD employees had moved away two days ago as it was operating there temporarily.

When contacted, the coffee chain said it was aware of the incident and is investigating.