CBSE New Syllabus 2021-22: One for All - An All in One Package for Class 9 & 10 Launched

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For Extensive Practice of Competency Based Questions The tradition of rote learning in Indian schools has been criticised by many for a long period of time. It was noticed that the syllabi and exam patterns, which hadn’t changed for years, were enabling students to secure high scores even when they didn’t have any real knowledge of the subject. To tackle this problem, the Education Ministry of India formulated a new National Education Policy (NEP) in 2020. This policy aims to replace rote learning with a more competency-based approach. This means that now the schools will focus on developing real-life skills of their students, so they are capable to compete on a global level.

To implement this idea, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to increase the number of competency based questions in Boards as well as other school-level examinations. Competency based questions require students to apply their subject knowledge in real-life situations and come up with pragmatic solutions. So just mugging up concepts and definitions will not be enough to score well in exams. Taking this into account, Oswaal Books has launched an innovative study resource called CBSE One for All for Class 9 & 10. It’s a top notch All in One Class 9 & 10 Package. Based on the latest syllabus for 2022 exams, this book is designed to give ample practice and valuable insight to students about competency-based questions. Moreover, the fact that this book constitutes of the “5 E’s of Learning”, makes it super effective. Here’s how: 1. Engage- Oswaal CBSE One for All grabs the attention of the reader with the most relevant and engaging content. Seamless presentation of topics makes it easier to read and understand information.

2. Explore- It has rare insights into the different methodologies and typologies of questions that keep the reader one step ahead than others.

3. Explain- There are detailed and easy-to-understand explanations for complex concepts and theories.

4. Elaborate- The large number of examples and Oswaal exam tools can turn a student into a subject expert.

5. Evaluate- Last but not the least, the book has superb self-assessment tools that familiarise students with their strengths and weaknesses, thus aiding them to improve.

Here’s the recommended link for One for All Class 9: & Class 10: [An All in One Class 9 & 10 Study Package] CBSE One for All is an ultimate All in One Class 9 & 10 package that provides all the tools for exam excellence in a single place. It eliminates the need of spending time and effort looking for different books; this book will aid in learning, practice and self-assessment.

• Simplify learning with interesting learning tools like Mind Maps and Concept Videos.

• Ample practice for competency based questions and even other categories gets facilitated by questions from Board Question Banks of 2021 and NCERT questions with explanatory answers.

• Topic-wise self-assessment tests are a great way for students to check how prepared they really are. These tests also familiarise them with the paper pattern and increase their writing speed.

There’s more! CBSE One for All for Class 9 & 10 comes with ‘Dynamic QR codes’ which keep a student updated about any notification or circular published by CBSE. Henceforth, it’s an All in One Class 9 & 10 Study Package. This book provides qualitative and quantitative practice to students and boosts their confidence to score more and learn better.


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