CBSE New Syllabus 2021-22

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Class 10 RMT Flashcards Launched For the First Time in India With changing times, our ways should also change for the better. This applies to school students now more than ever. Education is undergoing fresh reforms. The new National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020 aims to shift the focus from ‘rote learning’ to ‘competency-based learning’. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) also introduced a new syllabus on 31st March 2021. CBSE has also instructed schools to increase ‘competency-based questions’ in exams. All this is being done to ensure that students are able to keep up with a fast moving and an ever evolving world. So today, plainly reading from the textbook and class notes isn’t enough to learn effectively. Flashcards are an innovative tool to better learn and remember concepts for a long period of time.

Oswaal Books has recently launched ‘RMT Flashcards’ Class 10 for the first time in India. RMT stands for “Revise, Memorise, Test’. Their objective is to act as a trustworthy asset to every CBSE class 10th student. Currently, these are available for four major subjects- English, Science, Math, and Social Science. RMT Flashcards for Class 10 2021 -22 are designed to make learning easier and faster by giving students crisp yet all-encompassing information about every chapter. This is done by dividing the cards into three unique sets- Revision cards, Memorise Cards, and Test card. There’s even a fourth category of Practical cards (for Science and Math) and Map cards (for Social Science).

• Revision cards - The chapter’s ultimate takeaway is covered in a revision card. Students can skim through revision cards when they want to quickly figure out just what’s important to remember in each chapter.

• Memorise cards - These come in handy to master scientific terms, formulae, essential definitions, and equations. They help in better retention of complex information.

• Test card - This is an easy and quick way to conduct a self-assessment and discover your strong and weak areas in the syllabus. The test cards have all the latest CBSE typologies of questions, to familiarise students with all kinds and complexities of questions.

Here’s the recommended link of RMT Flashcards Class 10 2021 -22: There are some special advantages of studying with Oswaal RMT Flashcards 1. Active recall - This refers to the process that helps in moving information from short-term memory to long-term memory, so you can access this information whenever you need it in the future. Active recall is a principle of efficient learning which actively stimulates memory during the learning process. So RMT Flashcards aid in longer retention of complex information and makes remembering answers easier.

2. Metacognition - The act of understanding and assessing one’s own mind is called metacognition. When you crosscheck your own answers with the ones on Oswaal RMT Flashcards, you become aware about your own flaws and are clearer about the topics that you need to focus on. Resultantly, you fill the gaps in your preparation and score more.

3. Practice is precious - Oswaal RMT Flashcards are a very resourceful practice material. Repeatedly learning and memorising with them can turn students into subject experts and give an exponential boost to their confidence.

For the new CBSE syllabus of 2021-22, RMT Flashcards for Class 10 2021-22 are ideal for students looking to improve their score and learn more, faster.


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