CBSE says 36-24-36 body shape is 'best' for females, 'V' body shape best for males!

Devyani Sultania
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A Class 12 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) textbook seems to have declared that the 36-24-36 figure is the "best" body shape for women and that even beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe judge contestants based on the 36-24-36 body shape.

The textbook, titled Health and Physical Education, consists of an image which compares physical and anatomical differences between men and women. It not only talks about body shapes of females, it also points out 'differences in shape' saying that the 'V' body shape is considered the best when it comes to men.

The textbook has been published by New Saraswati House and not National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), which usually publishes textbooks used in CBSE schools, the News Minute reported.

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CBSE had recently garnered attention and backlash over the controversial content published in its textbooks and examination papers.

A week ago, students of Class 12 taking their biology examination were asked to answer which was the better practice — burial or cremation of the dead. They were told to answer the question based on the practice that would help contain air pollution the best.

There were also reports that an environmental studies textbook for students of Class 4 seemed to have encouraged students to conduct an experiment that could cause the death of a kitten. It said that students could do an experiment by placing two kittens in two separate wooden boxes — one with holes in the lid and the other without holes. The purpose behind the experiment was to show students that the kitten in the wooden box without holes would die.

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