CBSE follows 'learning by doing' motto, makes AI, yoga mandatory

Ayushi Chamoli

CBSE follows

21 May 2019: CBSE follows 'learning by doing' motto, makes AI, yoga mandatory

For the academic year 2019-20, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has adopted a new motto: Learning by doing.

In this, the schools have to incorporate arts and sports in their everyday curriculum.

Subjects like Artificial Intelligence (AI), yoga and Python (high-level programming language) has already been introduced as optional skill subjects, as was reported earlier.

This is "for making learning joyful."

CBSE's letter: One sports period mandatory for classes I to XII

The Board, in its letter to the parents, said, "Experiential Learning is the theme for the new academic year 2019-20. In simple terms, experiential learning is the process of "learning by doing" and is a crucial input for making learning joyful."

As per the new changes, the schools have to include one sports period per day for all the students from classes I-XII.

Arts: CBSE has instructed schools to reserve two periods/week for arts

Moreover, schools have been instructed to dedicate at least two periods each week for arts from classes I to XII.

The period will have to include all the streams covered under art, i.e., music, dance, visual arts, and theater.

In addition, the students of Classes VI to VIII will also be given classes on culinary arts, where lessons on nutrition, agriculture, will be given.

Changes: Class XII students can now opt for combination of subjects

Culinary arts classes will also have lessons on crops, pesticide use, agricultural practices and more, apart from the ones mentioned already.

From this academic year, class XII students can choose a combination of subjects as per his/her inclination and interest, apart from a mandated one.

However, it is to be noted that the choice of that subject should be available at his/her school.

AI introduced: Reason for introducing: CBSE realized AI has geo-strategic importance

The introduction of AI, yoga and Python as an optional skill subject for students of classes VIII, IX and X, have been lauded by all.

The intention is to make the children future ready, the Board officials said.

The board realized that AI has geo-strategic importance, and it was high time to introduce these concepts to children at an early age.

Fact: AI introduced to enhance multidisciplinary approach, as per official circular

In a circular released earlier, the Board had said, "To enhance the multidisciplinary approach in teaching learning, and also to sensitize the new generation, it was decided that school may start AI "Inspire module" of 12 hours at Class-VIII itself."