CBI Seeks Court Nod to Conduct Narco Analysis Test on ‘Evasive’ Karti Chidambaram

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    It is very difficult to unearth financial irregularities. The Court should give its nod to CBI request.
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    he born to one of most corrupt father , it will be tough to get the information
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    Just give half an hour freedom to cops and by merciless thrashing Karthi will tell all the truth.Looters to the core hese Congie scoundrals has no iota of shame and see how he raises hand as if he got Gold in Olympics for India.Third degree is used for common man and why not for Looter king CHIDDU AND KARTHI.Congies in fact are the most dangerous species in India who mercilessly looted India and sold the country to Terrorist just for minority votes .Shameless anti national Rogues.
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    Raman Murty
    Before doing Narco Analysis Test on Karti, it is very wise to do the same on Indrani Mukherjia and her Divorced Husband, so that they can find out the exact status, since these are day light murders, killing their own daughter for money, they can stoop to any levels to talk lies. First they must be tested through this method or 3 rd degree methods.