CBI planted body, false witnesses, says Indrani

Mumbai: Arguing her bail plea herself before court, prime accused in the Sheena Bora murder case Indrani Mukerjea alleged that the CBI had not only planted a body in the case but also false witnesses.

Referring to forensic evidence, she said that the skeleton found in 2012 which the CBI claimed was that of Sheena, was not the one exhumed in 2015. While a circular cut was made in the skull during the first post mortem of 2012, she said that in 2015, the skeleton had an intact skull, with no circular cut. “How these people have connected the two skeletons is a mystery. When exhumed, a cut skull became intact!” she exclaimed.

She referred to a Nair hospital report which said that articles sent by Pen Police do not match those sent by Khar Police.

“Prosecution has tried various permutations and combinations, but has failed to prove that it is the same body,” she said, and argued that there is no forensic evidence of strangulation. “There is no scientific evidence because it did not happen. There was no body, so they (CBI) thought, let’s plant a body,” she alleged.

Further, she said, the body recovered in 2015 was not burnt as per forensic reports, as the CBI claims. “The prosecution story is that we bought 20 litres of petrol to burn it, but the organs are not burnt,” she argued.

“False witnesses have been planted by the agency,” she alleged and denied the CBI charge that she had administered sedatives to Sheena which were purchased with a prescription. She claimed that the prosecution itself had procured the sedatives in December 2015. Apart from her former driver Shyamvar Rai’s claim, there is no evidence that sedatives were given, she argued.

Indrani further questioned the colour and make of the car in which the murder allegedly took place as different witnesses have given different descriptions of the car and the CBI itself has a different description of its colour and make. “The entire story of the prosecution is factually incorrect, forensics have collapsed and in four-and-a-half years, the prosecution has not given a shred of evidence,” she argued, saying that she had 120 documents to show that the case does not stand.

This is Indrani’s fifth bail plea, the previous ones being made on medical grounds and merits of the case.

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