CBI moves Supreme Court against acquittal of Talwar couple in Aarushi murder case

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    About time this happened, can't play the "parent card" to escape responsibility.
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    Siddhartha Mukerjee
    CBI should concentrate on cases of national interest rather than passing time in harassing grieving parents who have already suffered a lot. The government agencies seem to have no accountability and responsibilities. They are simply after soft targets.
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    There are lot many most important cases to be resolved in the Country’s interest. Instead of investing valuable time on cases like Talbots, the CBI must concentrate on other cases and appeals etc., Parents suferred on two counts one they lost their only daughter and underwent punishment, they can not rebuild their image in profession at all. This is what I feel so.
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    The UP police rubbished all the evidences by allowing the crowd to enter the house. Now let the parents live peacefully. After all they lost their child. But a question arises why the CBI did't file appeal against SC's order. I think which is why the appeal.
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    One must appreciate, all the hard work done by CBI, to single handedly strengthen the Indo-Nepal bonds.