CBFC ban on 'Maatr': Our laws need to be upgraded with time, says Raveena Tandon

Actor Raveena Tandon, who is all set to make her comeback on the big screen with a hard hitting film 'Maatr', believes that the laws needs to be upgraded because we have to change according to the time, we are living in. Reportedly, The Central Board of Film Certifications's (CBFC) Examining Committee has refused to certify the film stating that it features two gruesome scenes that the Board apparently deemed inappropriate for viewing. And now, responding to these allegations, the actress has decided to respond to the same. Raveena said that one hand we talk about progressive liberal educated India and so why are we still holding back? Calling the certification process as 'absurd', she went on saying if they are given 'A' Certificate then with the cuts why are they not allowed to show the harsh reality of today. Adding more to it, she said that it is high time and such issues should be considered. Directed by Ashtar Sayed, 'Maatr' aims at topics such as rape touching upon one of the most infamous Nirbhaya case and it is slated to release on April 21.