What Causes Panic Attacks ?

Have you ever had an extreme surge in discomfort and anxiousness? The majority of people had a panic attack in their life once or twice. Yet you may have a panic condition because you have had frequent, unpredictable attacks and have spent large periods in anxiety.

This is NYK and in this video we will tell you what exactly a panic attack is and what causes such attacks?

An attack of panic is an extreme surge of panic marked by its unexpectedness and its weakening and declining intensity. You can't breathe your heart pounds and sound like you dying or are psychotic. You can't breathe. Sometimes without warning and with no apparent cause, panic attacks hit out of the blue. It can happen even though you're dreaming or relaxing.

Any findings show that the normal reaction of the body to danger from combating or fight includes panic attacks. For instance, if you had a grizzly bear, you would naturally respond to it. Your pulse and respiration will accelerate as your body is preparing for a life-threatening situation. A panic disorder triggers many of the same responses. But it is not clear why there is a panic attack because there is no visible risk.

There are techniques for reducing or removing panic attacks, regaining confidence, and getting control of your life.

Have sufficient sleep- Inadequate or insufficient sleep will make panic worse so try to relax for seven to nine hours a night.

Regularly workout - Exercise is a reliever of natural fear, so aim to walk during most days for about 30 minutes. Rhythmic aerobics, such as walking, running, swimming or dancing, that involve the movement of both your arms and legs can be extremely good.

Do not smoke and drink caffeine. Both of these will trigger fear in insecure individuals. Be alert also for stimulant narcotics, such as herbal tablets and non-drowsy cold medicines.

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