Caught in a Table 19 situation? Here's how you can have fun attending a wedding solo

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Table 19

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Can attending a wedding reception solo be fun? This is explored in the recently-released Hollywood flick Table 19, which introduces viewers to ex-maid of honour Eloise (Anna Kendrick), who, after being dumped by the best man via a text message, decides to attend her oldest friend's wedding alone. But she is now relegated to sit with a bunch of strangers at table 19, which has a feuding couple, an old nanny and an ex-con.

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The film explores some of the awkwardness people feel when stuck with a bunch of strangers.

In honour of Table 19, Amber Harrison, Style and Etiquette Expert for Wedding Paper Divas, has shared some ways to make the most of attending a wedding solo.

  • Don't Panic - Not finding the "and guest" along with your name on the wedding invite shouldn't be a reason to ditch a wedding. "Weddings are a great way to meet new people and it's absolutely possible to have fun flying solo. It's important to support your friend, there is a reason she invited you," says Harrison.
  • Look Fierce - Make sure to look your best, because feeling confident can make it easier to act with confidence. And this will help you enjoy the whole event whether you are alone or with someone else.
  • Avoid being glued to your phone - Most people use their phones as an excuse to avoid awkward situations. "But to make the most of a situation, you should really unplug. This will make you much more approachable and make it more likely for someone to strike up a convo. It will also allow for some great people watching!" notes Harrison.
  • Make Friends with your tablemates - Break the ice with your fellow tablemates by striking up a conversation about how they know the bride and groom, or by recounting funny wedding stories.
  • Explore - A destination wedding is always a great reason for a mini-vacation. Harrison believes it's the perfect time to "see the sights, try new restaurants, read a book outside, and snap great new pics with your selfie stick."
  • Dance in Group Numbers - Hitting the dance floor alone can be uncomfortable. But "as lame as it sounds, get yourself onto the dance floor for group dances like the Cupid Shuffle and Cotton Eye Joe. This will get you up, moving and interacting with others without the awkwardness of joining strangers on the dance floor or half-dancing alone on the sidelines," the wedding style and trend expert believes. 

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