Catfight ends? Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor to walk the red carpet at Cannes 2017 together

Sushmita Sen
Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor

Everyone must have seen how much Sonam Kapoor dislikes Deepika Padukone as she proved it on last year's Koffee With Karan and at other events. The recent buzz is that the duo will share the red carpet at Cannes 2017.

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It will be interesting to see two Bollywood rivals on this international platform. Sonam will be at Cannes Film Festival as the brand ambassador of L'Oreal along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Deepika has recently been added to the brand ambassadors' list of this international cosmetic brand, thus, she will also join the other two divas.

Deepika is said to have replaced Katrina Kaif who was given this position for a year, but now her contract has come to an end. However, Sonam was all excited when Katrina came on board last year, but now, the Neerja actress has not commented anything when Deepika has joined her.

Katrina Kaif

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People saw the two (Deepika and Sonam) bonding when they made fun of Ranbir Kapoor in a nasty way on one of the seasons of Koffee With Karan. Then, there were reports that the duo are not cordial to each other anymore as Deepika became friends to Ranbir. Also, it was being said that the two actresses' PR agency was same and it was giving more attention and opportunities to Deepika.

Hence, Sonam seemed not to have liked her competitor since, but people will be eagerly waiting to see these two together at Cannes 2017. Will they end their cat fight? They will walk the red carpet along with Aishwarya at the 70th Cannes Film Festival held from May 17 to 28.

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