'Cat & Mouse Living Together': AIADMK's Take on Tie-up Between Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth


Chennai: The ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu on Thursday mounted yet another attack on actors Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, saying their completely different ideologies would make it look like "a cat and mouse living together."

While Rajinikanth had announced he would take forward "spiritual politics", Haasan is known for his pro-left leanings, an article in AIADMK mouthpiece 'Namathu Amma' said. On Tuesday, Haasan and Rajinikanth had set off speculation of a political realignment after they indicated their willingness to work together for the state's welfare.

The first pitch was made by Haasan who backed Rajinikanth over his comments describing Chief Minister K Palaniswami coming to the top post as a "wonder", saying it was "not a criticism but the reality."

Haasan also said he would join hands with Rajinikanth for Tamil Nadu's welfare. Rajinikanth had also echoed similar views. Several AIADMK leaders had slammed the duo for intending to work together, with Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar calling them a 'mirage' and 'illusion.'

The stinging write-up on Thursday especially seemed to target Haasan, saying "he has lost to Rajinikanth" in their rivalry in the film field and that he was now apprehensive if that would repeat in politics also.

Rajinikanth had announced in December 2017 he would launch his political party to contest the state assembly polls due in 2021, while Haasan is already leading Makkal Needi Maiam (MNM), founded last year.

"Rajini, who has announced taking forward spiritual politics, joining hands with Kamal Haasan who talks about rationalism and communism would amount to a cat and mouse living together," the article said.

"Time will teach Rajini that a possible partnership with Haasan politically will not be fruitful," it said. However, their prospective tie-up would in no way affect the AIADMK as it was resting on a "1.5 crore cadre base," the article said, adding this was an opportunity for them to successfully take on those aiming to defeat the party, it added.

The write-up was accompanied by a screen graph from the 1977 Tamil blockbuster 'Pathinaru Vayadinile' where Haasan is seen massaging Rajinikanth.

(With PTI inputs)