Cat Hides In Owners’ Luggage, Couple Shocked To Find It At Airport’s Security Check-In

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If you are a pet owner, you might understand the care and thoughts you have while leaving the little munckins at home. However, how would you feel if you find them hidden in your luggage, accidentally?

Well, something similar happened with Isle of Man residents Nick and Voirrey Coole, who were travelling to the New York City to celebrate Nick’s 40th birthday. The couple had no idea about when one of their cats decided to accompany them on the trip.

Nick and Voirrey were carrying an empty hand luggage, which they decided to fill with goodies shopped from New York City. However, when they arrived at airport’s security check-in, they were asked by the guards to open the bag. While the couple was worried at first, the content of the bag left them shocked. They found that one of their three cats, Candy, had sneaked into their suitcase.

While the couple was not prosecuted for the unexpected passenger and still made their flight on time, Voirrey’s father came in to take the extra ‘luggage’ back home.

Nick, 40, told Metro UK, “We have three cats and one of them, Candy, loves to get into bags or boxes. Our hand luggage didn’t have much in it because we wanted to bring shopping home, but Candy had other ideas. She must have snuck into the bag before we left for the airport.”

Well, definitely, the cat had some different ideas on her mind!