Cat Becomes Overnight Celeb for His Uncanny 'Meow' that Sounds Like Human Saying 'Well, Hi'

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A ginger cat, has become a social media sensation and this time it’s not for cuteness but the feline's unusual meow that is making him viral.

The cat who is called Gambino has become a quite the celebrity after a video in which he seems to be saying ‘well-hi’ has gone viral.

The cat owner shared the video with caption, "It sounds like he is saying 'Well, hi!!!' in a thick southern accent!!"

The video was shared on Instagram and TikTok by the cat's owner and since then Gambino has become a star.

In the viral video, the cat can been seen running away from another cat who was apparently also hiding behind a refrigerator. The owner, in the video, followed him with the camera and that is when Gambino meowed his strange "meow", which sounded uncannily like a human talking.

As of now the video on Tik Tok has been viewed 1.4 million times, while the one on Instagram has garnered more than six lakh views along with more than thousands of comments assuring that the meow did sound like someone saying ‘well hi’

As per a report in Fox News, Gambino was not always a pet and it is only in 2014, that he was adopted. Maybve before that the cat was a mimic? We would never know.