Casiino Smooth the Musician and Media Marketer

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CasiinoSmooth, professionally known as Charles White is a recording artist & an entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Paradym Music Group LLC, and started his YouTube channel with a goal of teaching indie artists about music marketing. He also mentions how influencers should use their fame for good.

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Unlike others, CasiinoSmooth promotes the idea of indie artists not needing a record label to have a successful music career, as he mentions- “You Don’t Need a Record Label – You Need a TEAM”.

The Concept of Music Marketing

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Music Marketing, to additionally explain, is a comprehensive improvement of your band's overall to gain new listeners and convert them into steadfast fans.

To additionally explain, CasiinoSmooth mentions a few important points:

  • What makes your music stand out of the circle, and is different from others.

  • The price of your song/live performance/band merch.

  • The vending place where you want to showcase your music; If it’s online record stores, iTunes, Spotify, etc to be specific or physical venues/events/festivals where you wish to play.

  • Current marketing activities which help your band to bring in more listeners and fans.

  • The current fanbase; what is their profile? How do they consume music? What kind of music and image appeals to them? What do they want to see in your shows?

CasiinoSmooth’s Music Marketing

CasiinoSmooth is the pioneer of music marketing. He worked with influencers to promote his client’s music on YouTube and Instagram before most people knew what influencer marketing was.

His love for music with his passion for business and marketing to create the forward thinking music promotion company has helped his clients get millions of views on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

CasiinoSmooth publishes his creativity, ideas & upcoming projects on his instagram profile (casiinosmooth). He also motivates others by his compelling quotes about life and to help others.

Being an avid perfectionist who wants to get the job done for his clients using his advanced knowledge and industry relationships. He is also a maverick, who advises inc-500 companies on how to grow and use their social media to increase sales or leads through his second business.

Paradym Music Group

CasiinoSmooth is the CEO of Paradym Music Group LLC, where he offers all the services regarding music marketing. He made sure his services are of quality with an above and beyond calibre.

This is a goldmine for new rappers, acoustic musicians, hard rock, metal, etc.

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