Cashify Will Offer Rs 1000 Extra For Your Old Phone to Buy a New Nokia Smartphone

If you are planning to upgrade to a new Nokia smartphone, hold up. Cashify has partnered with HMD Global to announce a special Republic Day sale. According to the company, the smartphone exchange sale is made for both existing Nokia smartphone users, as well as for other brand smartphone users who are planning to upgrade to a new Nokia smartphone.

Customers can exchange any smartphone listed on Cashify with a new Nokia smartphone from the Nokia phones e-store. An additional value of Rs 1,000 above the price of their used handset will be provided while purchasing a new Nokia smartphone. The offer will be valid on the purchase of the following devices:

Nokia 7.2 (6GB|64GB)

Nokia 7.2 (4GB|64GB)

Nokia 6.2 (4GB|64GB)

Nokia 2.3 (2GB|32GB)

Nokia 2.2 (3GB|32GB)

Nokia 2.2 (2GB|16GB)

The sale is live and said to run until 26th January 2020. Here’s how you can avail the offer:

1. Visit the Nokia phones website.

2. Select the phone you want to purchase.

3. Click “Buy Now” and you will be taken to "Exchange Offer Available".

4. Click on "Start Exchange" tab. You will be redirected to the Cashify page.

5. Fill the details of your used phone after which you will be shown the best value for your phone.

6. Once you agree to this value, you will need to select the preferred mode of payment and then click on the submit button.

7. Cashify will pick up your used phone from the address you provide.

8. The exchange price of your phone will be transferred to you as soon as your phone is picked. Cashify will include the extra amount to the value of the exchanged phone.