After Cases of Student Deaths in Schools, Kerala Government to Act Tough Against Erring Teachers


Thiruvananthapuram: Taking a strong note of rising cases of negligence of teachers risking the safety of students, the Kerala government has decided to act against the erring teachers.

The move comes after a student, Shehla Sherin, died of snake bite in classroom while the teacher continued to teach. Following the incident, the High Court had registered a suo motu case.

Two teachers have been suspended in two different incidents, where students were left to suffer due to teachers’ negligence.

In Palakkad district, a kindergarten student was locked up inside the classroom. The child dozed off there and it was only when his panicked parents came looking for him, the child was found to be locked up in the classroom. The class teacher was later suspended.

Another child in Kozhikode district lost vision after he got poked in the eye with a pen by a classmate. Parents of the student alleged apathy from the teacher’s side, who delayed informing the family. The child’s sibling, studying in the same school, had told her parents that her brother had complained of some pain in the eye hours before the family was informed. The teacher was suspended.

Shehla, a 10-year-old, was bitten by a snake in the classroom. A classmate alleged that the teacher continued with the class, saying the child's father will take her to hospital. By then the girl's leg had turned blue, she said. The child was later referred to the Kozhikode Medical College. As the girl's condition worsened, she was taken to a private hospital in Vythiri, en route to Kozhikode, where she was declared brought dead.