Entry to Hogwarts or Optical Illusion? Cars and Bikes Disappearing On Bridge Confuses People on Twitter

Nida Sayyed
A video of vehicles disappearing as they run into what seems to be the edge of a bridge, is breaking the internet. People tried their best to figure out what was going on in the video until the original poster had to step in to give an explanation for all the chaos and confusion created. Some even took it lightly and made funny jokes on it.

Twitter users find a way to lose their minds every day. Today, it’s a video of vehicles disappearing as they run into what seems to be a wall. The video has got people scratching their heads trying to figure out what exactly happened in the short clip and most importantly, HOW did that happen? Some people are joking this is a new way to Hogwarts. While some call it photoshopped. We’ll tell you, it’s actually a simple optical illusion.  Chartered Accountants Day 2019 Memes: Funny CA Jokes That Will Help You Balance Your Sorrows with Joy.

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The video shows a bunch of vehicles driving into an edge of a bridge and just disappearing. While some people are embarrassed to accept how long it took them to understand it, we’ll tell you what is actually going on in this video. Trending Topics, Viral Videos & Funny Memes of the Day: Woman's Tutorial on Folding Fitted Sheets Goes Viral.

The Popular Video

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The brown part that’s being mistaken as dirty water is the roof of a parking lot. The video has been taken from the top of a roof and the vehicles aren’t disappearing, they’re just entering the parking space that’s looking like dirty water. Now ya get it? People had some pretty funny reactions to this tweet.

Funny Twitter Replies to the Video

So, no. It's not a multiverse portal, highway to Hogwarts or an inter-dimension gateway. it's a silly illusion that managed to trick hundreds. A What The Fluff Challenge on humans, if you will. But now you know. So, go ahead and show your friends and be the smartypants by revealing reality.