‘Who carried out Pulwama attack?’ BJP dares Sonia, Rahul Gandhi to declare if they doubt Indian Army

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Hours after Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury raised questions over the perpetrators of the Pulwama attack and sought a fresh probe, the Bharatiya Janata Party hit back asking party chief Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to come on camera and declare if they have any doubts on the perpetrators of the terror strike that killed over 40 paramilitary jawans last year in February. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra challenged the Congress president to declare on camera if she has any doubts about the perpetrators of the Pulwama terrorist attack. "Come on camera and announce that you have doubts about the Indian Army, intelligence agencies and the government — and you don't trust them. And if you think that Pakistan was not involved in Pulawa, then tell us on camera who did it?" the BJP leader said at a press conference at the party headquarters in Delhi. "Why do you (Congress) want to give clean chit to Pakistan? This is not the first time (it is happening). When 26/11 happened, Sonia Gandhi had sent Digvijaya Singh to tell that 26/11 was done by the RSS. The Congress was trying to give clean chit to Pakistan in the Mumbai attack case. When a surgical strike or air strike happens, even then you don't trust the Army, the government or the Prime Minister. You keep asking for evidence. And now you are questioning Pulwama," Patra said while responding to the statements given by Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury.

Earlier in the day, the senior Congress leader triggered a controversy by demanding a fresh look into the Pulwama attack. His statements came after a serving Jammu and Kashmir police officer Davinder Singh was caught assisting militants in Kashmir. Following the arrest of the officer, Chowdhury said: "Had Davinder Singh by default been Davindar khan, the reaction of the troll regiment of RSS would have been more strident and vociferous. Enemies of our country ought to be condemned irrespective of Colour, Creed, and Religion. The chink in the armour is exposed in the valley much to the consternation of us, we can not afford ourselves to be penny wise and pound foolish..now the question will certainly be arisen as to who were the real culprits behind the gruesome Pulwama incident, need a fresh look on it," he said in a series of tweets.