Careful With the Samsung Galaxy S8’s Display, Or Be Ready to Pay

Samsung Galaxy S8 was announced in India on Tuesday, with a price tag of Rs 57,000. This is the first Galaxy phone which sports a display size bigger than 5.7-inch (5.8-inch to be precise), putting it right at the top of the pile for Samsung.

The company is proudly touting its Infinity Display, which is basically another marketing term for its near bezel-less display. But that’s definitely not the big news about Galaxy S8. The company has, for some reason, decided to exclude its free screen replacement offer for the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S8 gets a 5.8-inch display. (Photo: The Quint)

What this means for the buyers is if you’re clumsy with your phone, the repair bill could cost you more than the price of a OnePlus 3 phone.

When compared with the Galaxy S7, this year’s Galaxy S8 gets a bigger display. So, the cost of replacing a damaged screen on the S8 is bound to be more than what you would have paid last year.

Unlike the Galaxy S7, Samsung has decided against a non-Edge variant of the phone, which hasn’t been received well by some of the consumers.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a gorgeous design. However, with the glass body, and a display that goes to the edge, one needs to handle this phone with more care than they ought to – especially when Samsung reckons that Galaxy S8 is more durable (we’ll keep the supposed drop tests to a side), compared to Galaxy S7.

Edge-to-edge display might look cool, but at what cost? (Photo: The Quint)

Samsung phones have a chequered past when it comes to the quality of their display, and with the Galaxy S8’s first-of-kind design, our concerns are more than justified.

So, missing out on the screen replacement during the launch of a phone – which costs more than half a lakh – isn’t an ideal start for the company. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to bite Samsung, or those who are planning to buy either of these phones.