#CareerBytes: How to overcome fear while preparing for UPSC CSE?

Ramya Patelkhana

#CareerBytes: How to overcome fear while preparing for UPSC CSE?

22 May 2019: #CareerBytes: How to overcome fear while preparing for UPSC CSE?

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), also known as the IAS exam, is one of the toughest competitive exams.

Lakhs of candidates appear for CSE every year but only a few get selected.

While proper preparation is necessary for clearing CSE, it's also important for candidates to handle the exam stress and fear.

Here are some tips to overcome fear while preparing for CSE.

#1: Have clarity about what to study; prepare a solid plan

Preparing for CSE can be stressful as it involves a vast syllabus. However, having clarity about what to study can help aspirants overcome fear and build confidence.

They must have a clear understanding of the syllabus and allot sufficient time to study each subject/topic considering their difficulty level.

They should prepare a solid study plan and a strategy to convert weaknesses into strengths gradually.

#2: Revise as much as possible to retain information for longer

Aspirants must not surround themselves with books while preparing as it will only increase their burden and stress.

Instead, they should focus on basics, go through NCERT textbooks for fundamental concepts, and collect 1-2 good reference books per topic or subject and revise them properly.

Candidates must revise as many times as possible, focusing on thoroughly understanding the concepts, to retain information for longer.

#3: Self-prepared notes are best; know what to expect in exam

Also, candidates who are going to appear for UPSC CSE can prepare notes on important topics and note down essential points to grasp concepts better. This will also help them in quick revision.

They must also be familiar with the latest exam syllabus, pattern, questioning trends, etc. By doing this, they will know what to expect to some extent and overcome stress or fear.

#4: Solving previous papers, taking mock tests is extremely important

Aspirants should also solve previous question papers and take mock tests regularly.

This will help them overcome the fear by familiarizing with the paper pattern, difficulty level, and questioning trends.

This will also help them manage time better in the exam, analyze their performance, and learn from their mistakes too. They should know what mistakes they have committed and ensure they don't repeat them.

Fact: #5: Take measures to maintain good health, manage stress

It is important for aspirants to maintain good health and overcome stress while preparing for CSE. They must avoid studying continuously for long hours, eat healthy food, and get sufficient sleep. They can practice meditation or other relaxation techniques to improve concentration and reduce stress.