How To Take Care Of Your T-SHIRT ?

There is a common belief that t-shirts are maintenance-free and they don't require much care. While that is true to some point, its much easier to damage a t-shirt. T-shirts may easily loose its shape or shrink.

But if your love for t-shirts is unconditional then in this video of Now You Know we are giving you a quick guide on how can you look after your t-shirts and make sure that they last long.

Wash Your T-shirt With Soft Cloths

Make sure that you don't wash your t-shirt with hard fabric. Generally t-shirts are pretty fragile, if you wash with tough textiles such as denim or with jackets your t-shirt might get ripped.

Wash In Right Temperature

Many of them have the belief that washing clothes in warm water will clear the dirt out in more effective way. But this is just a random theory. Detergents are made to remove stains at 30 degrees Celsius. The best way is therefore to wash tees according to the temperature indicated on the label of the t-shirt. In this scenario, you face no leakage or fading of the coloration.

Apart from that washing the fabric with delicate liquid detergent, helps preserve the material for longer periods of time. Avoid the habit of over soaking because it fades the colour of the fabric.

Avoid The Dryer

If the tshirt doesn't shrink in the washing machine then in the dryer will . Avoiding the dryer and try drying the tshirt in air, as it is the safest technique. Some extra damage on the fabric may result from a dryer. Another way to dry t shirt is to put them flat onto a sheet, roll up them and push the extra water out.

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