Cardi B Sports Most Unusual & Painful Lip Piercing Post Her Grammys Win
Rapper Cradi B took home her first Gramophone for Best Rap Album, Invasion of Privacy, at the Grammy Awards 2019.

The lip piercing fad is making a come back and who better than Rapper Cardi B to bring back the staple emo trend.

The rapper took home her first Gramophone at the Grammy Awards 2019 for Best Rap Album making her the first ever female solo artist to win in this category. Now that clearly calls for a celebration and Cradi B chose to get two drips on her lips.

She got two piercings in her bottom lips at City of Angels Tattoos studio in L.A. owned by an artist named Luis Vega who had no idea who Cardi B was at first. The piercing cost her $25 only. Well, that is some discount for the drips.

After her drama with Nicki Minaj, Cradi B deleted her account is now back on Instagram promoting her new single with Bruno Mars.