Car Purchase Gone Wrong: Woman Crashes Display Car In Hyundai Showroom

Stephen Neil

Car dealerships are designed to allow prospective customers to experience the cars in the best way possible before they can make their purchase decision. This customer though accidentally experienced the car she wanted to buy in a more extreme manner than she or the dealership would have ever wanted to.

A prospective customer accidentally drove a Hyundai i20 Elite into the glass at the front of the showroom and then crashed into another brand-new car parked in front of the dealership. CCTV footage of the incident has emerged and it shows how random yet dangerous the situation was.

On 18 February 2019, it was a routine day at the Hyundai Showroom in Mandi Himachal Pradesh with a few cars on display and several prospective customers were having conversations with sales executives.

A woman along with her parents had been to the dealership and were looking at purchasing a Hyundai Elite i20. The video shows that the sales executive was still speaking to the couple while the woman got into the car.

Just a couple of seconds after that, the hatchback lunges forward and accelerates quickly only to crash into the glass in front of the showroom and smash it into pieces. The car didn't stop accelerating and went on to crash into another Elite i20 parked in front of the dealership.

It was only after crashing into the second car that the i20 came to a halt, but the damages were done. The toughened glass pane at the front of the dealership was expensive in itself and the two cars that were damaged would have to be repaired too. Total damages caused are to the tune of around Rs 4 lakh.

What caused the incident has still not been confirmed. The i20 on display could have been an automatic and the woman might have pressed the engine start/stop button, turning on the engine. She would have then touched the accelerator pedal which lunged the car forward and finally floored it in panic. This is pure speculation is the only possible explanation of what the video shows.

Thoughts On Customer Crashing Display Car At Hyundai Dealership

Dealership personnel usually take lots of precautions to prevent customers from starting up the display cars inside the showroom. However, it is difficult to stop one from doing so when it comes to a car equipped with an engine start/stop button. The incident at Dev Bhoomi Hyundai seems to have been caused by the same.

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