Car discounts: Secret bargaining tips revealed

Car sales are at an all-time low and dealers are under pressure to meet their monthly sales targets. At times like these, striking a red hot deal on a new car is relatively easier. However, do keep mind these crucial tips which would strengthen your case to get that big bargain you have been eyeing:

1. Decide: The first step is deciding what car you want. If you are buying a just-launched new SUV then you might as well give up hopes of any discounts. If you are keen to get a bargain on a new car, check out cars which have been available for some time but also are not duds. Do not get a completely flop car as, while the discounts might be tempting and easy, the resale will kill you.

2. Do your research: Arm yourself with all the information you can get and narrow down on the car you want. Have a clear idea of your needs. Also, check out how many dealers there are in the city for the particular car brand that you are looking for as it will boost your bargaining potential. In short, be prepared.

Car dealership

3. Physical presence: In today's digital age, you can book a car without budging from the comfort of your home. However, while you can call and bargain, being at the dealership may massively swings things your way. The salesman will surely give you priority if you are actually there.

4. Be smart: Remember, if you are nice and likeable then you can get a sweeter deal.

5. Speak wisely: Do not let the sales person know that you are at the moment without a car or keen to get one- keep it to yourself. If the sales person knows that you are desperate to buy a new car then bargaining would be tough. On the other hand be open about finance options and your needs.

6. Never take the first offer: It may sound sweet but never take it and always bargain for a better one.

7. Know when to walk off: If you have a budget, do not stray from it and have the courage to walk off if the deal has gone sour. However, also know when not to let a deal slip away. There is a fine line between the two.

8. Say 'I am buying right now': If the salesperson knows you are actually very serious about buying a car, he will come up with the offers.