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Why this KOLA VERI D'licious! -  Manish

THANK you for all your contributions to our latest Caption THIS!

We asked you to send in captions for a photograph of a monkey drinking soda from a can during the annual "monkey buffet" in front of an ancient temple in Lopburi province, some 150 kms north of Bangkok. More than 2,000 kilos of fruits and vegetables were offered to monkeys during the annual festival to help promote tourism in the area.
We thoroughly enjoyed reading your entries! Some exceptional suggestions included:

Rishu Sharma: "Even the Army of Lord Hanuman knows - Thanda matlab CocaCola"
Rohil Tayal: "Piyo sar utha kkk"
Seshu Chamarty, Hyderabad: "Can to mouth existence!"
Varun, Ambala, Haryana: "Yeh pyas hai badi..."

And our winning caption!
"Why this KOLA VERI D'licious!" by Manish.

Thanks to everybody who participated, and congratulations to our winner whose title now captions our picture!

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