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Sunday 29, March

Work situations get confusing and messy. There are a lot of details that need attending to and yet there is just way too much disinformation turning everything into chaos. Step back and reassess when you have more facts than hyped-up emotional chatter in your inbox. You can discern the real truth.

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Friday 27, March

Your love life is getting the sweet lift from today's Venus-Jupiter confluence. Tap into the expansive and love-buzz vibes that will quickly lift your spirits from bored to exuberant. It's just the thing you've been so desperately needing. The heaviness is finally lifting and the sweetness is back.

Thursday 26, March

The Moon moves into your sister earth sign of Taurus today and lights up your house of love and pleasure. You can tap into unexpected and even experimental avenues of creativity under this fabulous influence. When you focus on the beauty, all feels well. Just don't let the stress build up, Capricorn.

Wednesday 25, March

This is a heavy emotional day of much anger, frustration and potential to burn bridges. Everyone's wounds are getting amplified and there is a need to be more patient and tolerant than usual. Don't jump the gun in your assumptions. Not that you would normally, but today is loaded.

Tuesday 24, March

The New Moon has landed and it's all about domestic themes. It might not be super obvious at first, but you're starting to get clear about where to put your energy over the next six months. Perhaps home improvement ideas are in the works, Capricorn. It's also time to be clear and honest with your family members.

Monday 23, March

The dark lunation is exhausting but also poetic. You might even feel like breaking out into song lyrics or writing something really profound. Your creativity is on point now, Capricorn. Even if you feel like you want to escape from the world into your own reality, you can create something sublime with your words.

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