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Saturday 22, February

The New Moon will be exact on Sunday night, but in the meantime, you're in the mysterious and deeply intense Dark Moon phase. All the moments leading up to tomorrow's lunation are ripe for meditation and insight, Capricorn. It's all about lighting up the darker corners of your mind at the moment.

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Friday 21, February

The planet of instant change is in a positive trine with fiery Mars - currently in your own stars. If you feel totally revved up and ready to jump, the energy of these two electrifying planets is working as it should. Note that this can also cause a bit of anxiety and overstimulation.

Thursday 20, February

Jupiter has been in your stars since December, bringing you much-deserved success for your long history of hard work. But today Neptune forms a sextile with the luck planet, bringing an even deeper, almost spiritual kind of optimism. You're practically glowing with potential right now, Capricorn.

Wednesday 19, February

The Moon is in your very own stars today, Capricorn. World-domination can be yours if you stop taking care of everyone else's work and focus on your own mission statement. What do you want to do, to be, and most important right now - how do you want to be seen?

Tuesday 18, February

The Sun drops into Pisces very late tonight, lighting up your communication zone for the next four weeks. But there's a major caveat, as Mercury Retrograde just began in the same sector of your horoscope a few days ago. Your conversations, texts, emails and social media posts are highlighted, but things might be quite messy, at least through the 4th. Hang on tight.

Monday 17, February

With Mercury Retrograde now in full effect in your communication zone, it's a tricky moment for your mind. Complicating this further, the Moon is squaring Neptune today, amplifying all kinds of confusion. It's as if there's a layer of pink mist over everything. Expect more clarity in the next few days.

Sunday 16, February

Today's Mercury Retrograde sets a messy tone for the next few weeks of chaos and confusion. You'll have to keep your wits about you, Capricorn. It's about to get real and it's especially hitting you in the communication department. Don't get swept up in other people's emotional dramas if you can help it.

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