Can't Rub My Privilege on People's Faces: Amit Sadh on His Social Media Sabbatical

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Bollywood Actor Amit Sadh has announced that he will be taking a sabbatical from social media platforms. He added that after reflecting on the misery caused by the pandemic, he could not continue to post on social media in ‘good faith’. Talking about his decision in an interview with Bombay Times, the actor said that his decision was personal and did not intend to take a dig at anyone. He added that the world is going through a crisis, while many continue to lose their jobs because of the effects of Coronavirus, and he would not like to rub his privilege on people's face by sharing pictures from his ‘gym sessions' or ‘vacation’.

Many Indian celebrities were recently seen sharing their vacation pictures on social media. The actor clarified that he was not against the use of social media and people were free to document their life all they want, but he also expressed his displeasure for the thrust of social media validation which is reflected in the numbers of likes and comments one gets.

Citing the example of Brad Pitt, the actor said that it was not necessary to post your photo to live your life. He asked, "Is Brad Pitt showing you that he is on an exotic island while the rest are battling corona? No, right?"

The actor emphasized that people should be more empathetic and shouldn’t behave as if nothing has happened just because the pandemic hasn’t affected them because of the privilege that they might have.

On suggestions that this sabbatical might keep him out of the social media algorithms and could harm his income, Amit said that he had come to Mumbai to become an actor and not a social media influencer or ‘work in ads’.

Amit, however, will continue to use social media platform to connect to his fans and will be replying to his fans' DMs.

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