'Can't Breathe Anymore': Hyderabad Man's Chilling Message to Father Before He Died of Covid-19

A heartwrenching video message by a 34-year-old Covid patient — who later succumbed to the infection — has shaken the people of Hyderabad. According to an NDTV report, the man, who was admitted to a government hospital in the city, recorded a video message for his father detailing the pain he was in.

"Am not able to breathe... Though I pleaded, they did not continue oxygen for the last three hours. I am not able to breathe anymore daddy, it's like my heart has stopped...Bye daddy..." the man can be heard saying in the video.

The selfie video has been shared widely on social media platforms with several users highlighting the troubles that Covid-19 patients are having to undergo. As per reports, the video message was recorded one hour before the man's death.

The victim's father said that his son was refused admission by close to 10 private hospitals in the city and was finally admitted to the Hyderabad Government Chest hospital.

The father told NDTV that he saw the video only after returning from his son's last rites and added that his son asked for help, but nobody stepped in.

"...Why was my son denied oxygen? Did anyone else need it urgently and so they took it away from him? When I hear that video of my son, my heart breaks," the father was quoted as saying.

The last rites of the deceased were performed on the same day. The next day, the father received a phone call from the private hospital where he had given his son's samples. According to the private hospital's report, his son had passed away due to Covid-19, the father said.

As the kin reeled from this shock, they received another distressing news that six people, including the son's wife, brother, sister-in-law and brother-in-law had been in contact with him, and were thus exposed to the infection, the report added.

The father said that they had all been exposed to the virus but nobody was testing them. He added that he had two young grandchildren, who had not been told about their father's demise. "What should I do?" he said.