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Thursday 04, June

Your day-to-day is getting so overloaded with responsibility somehow. You'll have to truly step back and look at what you can let go of. What needs to be eclipsed out of your schedule so that you can find more peace and balance? The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is happening tomorrow, so lean into the process of relinquishing what no longer serves you.

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Wednesday 03, June

The Sun in Gemini joins up with the love and beauty planet to make for a day of brilliance, variety and epiphanies on a very deep soul level, Cancer. Watch for those instances of immediate dreaminess and inspiration as inklings to what you really want and need in your life. Choose much more of that moving forward.

Tuesday 02, June

The Moon is now in your sister water sign of Scorpio, lighting up your love and pleasure zone, Cancer. Use this time for all things you most adore. Fill yourself back up with as much passion, sweetness and childlike goodness as possible. Let the heavy and serious stuff fall to the back burner now.

Sunday 31, May

The Moon moves into Libra today, settling into your house of home and family for a few days of cosy vibes. You've had plenty of reason to kick it on the domestic front for months already, but any excuse to indulge in a bit of nesting is a win for you, Cancer.

Saturday 30, May

If you're feeling confused and your conversations aren't making a lot of sense, blame the stars, Cancer. Venus is square to the Moon while dreamy Neptune opposes it, and there is nothing about this vibe that makes logical or rational sense. Don't even try.

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