Canada Man Gets Startled to See Robot Dog Walking Down the Street, Calls it a Weird Experience

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In this technology driven era, robots can frequently be seen replacing human beings and performing automated jobs. We can see them in hotels, delivering foods and toiletries or writing newspaper columns.

Our sci-fi movies often have characters of advanced robots, performing specialised functions having human like features. The TV series Humans showed actress Gemma Chan playing the role of a servile synth Anita who becomes a babysitter.

However, it is not easy to keep up with our changing surroundings where we might bump into a robot on the street. A robot in the shape of a dog strolling along the sidewalk creeped out and surprised a man named Nathan Kanasawe in Canada’s Ontario. The man was driving with a friend when he spotted the dog walking on the sidewalk, reported Hindustan Times.

The report says that Kanasawe was so amused at the sight of a dog-like robot walking on the street that he requested permission from its owner to record a clip of the machine.

The robot is designed by a company called Boston Dynamics and this specific model of robot is called SPOT. Kanasawe said that the experience was interesting for the two friends who were “equal parts amazed and creeped out.”

When he questioned the owner about the robot, he received the response that the robot dog is for work, so he did not question the owner further.

The man says that the experience was ‘super weird’ because watching a robot is something that he can expect at any Toronto convention. But he was amazed “to see the Boston Dynamic dog, casually walking up the street.”

The report says that Nathan first posted the video on Twitter but has set his profile to private after his tweet went viral.

It might be an unusual sight for Kanasawe but robots and drones are being employed to handle the Covid-19 crisis in some countries. In fact, the dog spotted by Kansawehas been deployed in the US and Singapore to remind people to maintain social distancing. Covid-19 pandemic has killed over 10 lakh people worldwide.