Canada Election Results 2019 Live News Updates: PM Justin Trudeau Wins Canada General Elections to Form Minority Government

Team Latestly

Toronto, October 21: Voting for the 338 parliamentary seats in Canada concluded on Monday, with results being expected to be declared in the next few hours. The Canada Elections Office is scheduled to begin the counting of votes at 7 pm (local time). Ahead of the polls, the pre-election surveys had predicted a setback for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, claiming that his Liberal Party may no longer enjoy the single-party majority status. Stay tuned here for the live news and updates of Canada election results 2019.

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The aggregate of all major opinion polls, released ahead of the elections, had predicted Trudeau to fall  short of the majority-mark -- which is  170 in the 338-member House of Commons. CBS Poll Tracker, in its report published on October 18, had predicted a 48 percent chance of the Liberal Party winning the elections, followed by a 40 percent chance in favour of the Andrew Scheer-led Conservatives.

A survey released by Ipsos on October 15 had predicted Trudeau's party to secure 30 percent of the vote share, significantly short of its key rival - the Conservatives - who were predicted to bag 32 percent of the votes. Jagmeet Singh Brar's New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Greens were predicted to bag 20 percent and 8 per cent of the voters' support, respectively.

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Trudeau, who had rose to power with a resounding mandate in 2015, has recently faced a dip in popularity after he was hit by a string of controversies. The pollsters have also opined that the bar of expectations raised by the Liberal Party four years ago has come back to haunt the Trudeau regime.

In the last parliamentary elections, the Liberal Party had sprang to power winning 180 seats. Trudeau, the son of late former PM Pierre Trudeau, was elected as the Prime Minister for the first time. Even if Justin Trudeau survives a rout, the 47-year-old will have to brace for challenges as may have to form an alliance with left-leaning parties to remain in power.