Call a Frog? Researchers Develop Special Phones To Keep Tabs on Frogs in the Area

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Researchers have come up with a seemingly uniquely device, called the FrogPhone. The device enables researchers to “call” a frog habitat, any time, from anywhere, once the device has been installed. The main objective of this device is to keep a track of frogs on the area.

The device which has been developed at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra and the University of Canberra in collaboration with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Region Frogwatch Program and the Australian National University, utilises 3G/4G cellular mobile data coverage and capitalises on the characteristic wideband audio of mobile phones, which acts as a carrier for frog calls, stated a study  by British Ecological Society.

Furthermore, the study claimed that the FrogPhone is the world’s first solar-powered remote survey device that relays environmental data to the observer via text messages, whilst conducting real-time remote acoustic surveys over the phone.

"The device allows us to monitor the local frog population with more frequency and ease, which is significant as frog species are widely recognised as indicators of environmental health,” ACT and Region Frogwatch coordinator and co-author of the study, Anke Maria Hoefer, told the British Ecological Society

She also claimed that the device will help in decreasing the costs and risks involved in risky surveys. She added, “The FrogPhone will help to drastically reduce the costs and risks involved in remote or high intensity surveys. Its use will also minimize potential negative impacts of human presence at survey sites. These benefits are magnified with increasing distance to and inaccessibility of a field site.”