Cabinet gives ex-post facto nod for signing, ratifying SCO agreement on mass media cooperation

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New Delhi [India], June 2 (ANI): The Union Cabinet on Wednesday gave ex-post facto approval for signing and ratification of an agreement on "cooperation in the field of mass media" between all the member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

According to the official release, the agreement which was signed in June 2019 shall promote equal and mutually beneficial cooperation among associations in the field of mass media.

The agreement would provide an opportunity for the member states to share best practices and new innovations in the field of mass media, it said.

The main areas of cooperation are the creation of favorable conditions for wide and mutual distribution of information through the mass media in order to further deepen the knowledge about the lives of the peoples of their States, cooperation among the editorial offices of the mass media of their States, as well as among the relevant ministries, agencies and organisations working in the field of the mass media, specific conditions and forms of which shall be determined by the participants themselves, including through the conclusion of separate agreements.

The agreement also seeks to promote equal and mutually beneficial cooperation among professional associations of journalists of the states of the sides in order to study the available professional experience, as well as to hold meetings, seminars and conferences in the field of mass media.

The release said that the agreement seeks to, "assist in broadcasting of television and radio programs and programs, distributed legally within the territory of the State of the other side, the legal broadcasting by editorial offices of materials and information, if their distribution meets the requirements of the legislation of the states of the sides; to encourage the exchange of experience and specialists in the field of mass media, provide mutual assistance in training media professionals and encourage cooperation among the educational and scientific-research institutions and Organisations operating in this field." (ANI)