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ra) Coochbehar(WB), Nov 18 (PTI) West Bengal ChiefMinister Mamata Banerjee lashed out against the BJP governmentat the Centre on Monday for planning to introduce thecontentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 in Parliamentand said the proposed legislation is a 'trap' like the NRC toexclude Bengalis and Hindus as legal citizens of the country.

The CAB, 2019 is expected to be introduced in thewinter session of Parliament, which began Monday, as theprevious one had lapsed as it was not tabled in the RajyaSabha after being passed by Lok Sabha on January 8.

She also criticised the Centre for failing to revivethe Indian economy, Banerjee said the government is onlyinterested in selling out PSUs like Air India instead oftaking steps to revive it.

'The Centre is planning to bring in CAB but let metell you it is just another trap like the NRC. It is a trap toexclude Bengalis and Hindus from the list of legal citizensand make them refugees in their own countries,' Banerjee sais.

The bill seeks to provide Indian citizenship toHindus, Jains, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis and Buddhists fromBangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan after seven years ofresidence in India even if they do not possess any document.

'After our government came to power we had taken stepsto grant citizenship to refugees of enclaves in Coochbehardistrict. But we had never imposed any condition that theyhave to be in this country for six years,' Banerjee said.

The proposed implementation of National Register ofCitizens in Bengal has turned into a flash point in WestBengal with the Trinamool Congress government vehementlyopposing it.

It had created a panic claiming 11 lives in the statefollowing the omission of about 19.6 lakh names from the finalNRC list in Assam.

Majority of the names omitted from the list wereallegedly those of Hindus and Bengali Hindus. PTI PNT KKKK KK

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