Buzz Aldrin wants a human colony on Mars

Melbourne, Apr 7 (ANI): Second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin has his sight set on the next big step for man - Mars.

The astronaut, who joined the late Neil Armstrong for a globally watched and remembered leap on the moon, has even gone so far as to lay out a plan to have a human colony on the Red Planet by the mid 2030s in a new book, reported.

Aldrin said that he wanted to inspire children to be interested in space.

"We need more kids to be adventurous and curious about what's out there," he said.

"We need the next generation to be our Mars generation. I'm very passionate about getting man to Mars and starting a colony there.

"I've outlined my plan of how to get us there in my new book, Mission to Mars coming out by National Geographic in May of this year," he added. (ANI)