Butter Coffee, Anyone? Bizarre Beverage is in Town and Desis are at Loss of Words

Buzz Staff
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Unique food combinations are not new. Time and again, food connoisseurs or just daredevils who like a bit of a unusual flavours in their mouth together have been inventing and experimenting with different food mixes. But not always do these dishes turn out to be a favourite and at times can even leave a bad taste in the mouth, literally! Case in point is this salted butter coffee, the video of which has been going viral on the internet. But for all the classic coffee lovers, this might be a difficult beverage to gulp down.

You might like it hot, cold, with vanilla or cream, but coffee with a huge chunk of butter mixed into it is something you may have never tasted.

Foodie Amar Sirohi, who is also a vlogger with the Instagram handle foodie.incarnate recently travelled to the bylanes in Delhi and near Jama Masjid, he found a tea/coffee stall where the vendor was selling butter coffee an butter tea among regular tea and coffee.

Branded as ‘Amul Butter Coffee’, the vendor has been selling it for the past 20 years. Amar decided to give the beverage a try. The vendor starts off with preparing coffee and then adds milk, followed by a great blob of Amul butter into the container. He follows it up with some coffee and blends it in a machine. The coffee is poured into cups and topped with some cocoa powder. But Amar doesn’t seem much taken by the butter coffee.

While many coffee lovers were horrified at the prospect of salted coffee, some liked the innovative idea. One user commented, “Bulletproof Coffee hai yeh , Kuch log butter k saath Saath Coconut Oil bhi daalte hai.”

Another said, “Butter coffee is not a new thing, its very old and very tasty.”

Bizzare food combinations in recent times also include ‘chilli jalebis’, complete with bell peppers and spices. Tucked with different bell peppers, the traditional sweet dish jalebi looks like a misfit on that plate. The preparation looks the same as that of chili paneer or chili chicken but with jalebis on the plate, the food item looks too weird to eat.

What do you think about this very unique, different beverage?