Businessmen and consumers should boycott Chinese goods: Indresh Kumar

Kaithal (Haryana) [India], June 18 (ANI): National executive member of the RSS, Indresh Kumar on Thursday said that the people should boycott Chinese goods and added that the Dragon is aiming for worldwide domination through force and capturing the markets.

"People have high hopes from the government that they will drive away China. But a promise needs to be taken by the people also. The businessmen should not sell goods made in China, and the customers should not purchase it. We are going to launch a campaign for the same in the coming days to promote buying and selling of goods which are made in India," Kumar said at a press conference here.

The RSS leader further said that the need of the hour is to "create a worldwide opinion against China, along the lines of the one we created against Pakistan for its connection with terrorism."

Blaming China for the pandemic which has caused a worldwide crisis, Kumar said the Dragon's agenda is to cause havoc in the world.

"The whole world is suffering from Corona. In the past 4,000 years, all viruses were created by nature. But this is the first virus which was attempted to be made by a man, therefore, it is marked as 'Made in China'," the RSS leader said.

"The virus slipped through their hands, therefore, it is half-potent, it does not spread through the air but transmits from man to man. The question is why is China developing such a virus, it is for the destruction of humanity. China has made it clear that it wants to create havoc in the world, and through its military strength will emerge as a big leader. It also wants to dominate the economy and markets. This is its dream," he added.

He urged the Indian government to stay cautious of China's nefarious agendas and take all actions accordingly. (ANI)