Businessman shoots wife, two daughters, tries to commit suicide

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Businessman shoots wife, two daughters, tries to commit suicide

Shah first shot his two daughters, and then he shot his wife with his licensed revolver. He then called the cops and told them about the crime.

In a shocking incident, a businessman shot his wife and two daughters to death at his residence in Ratnam Towers located in Judges Bungalow road in Ahmedabad.

The accused has been identified as Dharmesh Shah, who has a construction business. Early Tuesday morning, Vastrapur police station filed a case of a triple murder case against the accused

According to the police, Shah had a debt of Rs 15 crore. The acquaintances of the family and the witnesses said that an argument had taken place between him and his family on Monday night after his daughter, who had just completed her education in architecture, said that she wanted to go to Australia to study MBA further study in Australia for MBA.

After shooting his wife and daughters, Shah called his office and his brother informing them about the killing of his family.

On the phone, Shah said that he would also shoot himself with the same revolver and commit suicide. But before Shah could commit suicide, his brother found him.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police KNL Rao said, "The investigation of the murder is currently going on. The accused is under custody and is said to have a debt of approx. 15 crores."