How Your Business Can Cash in on Supreme Society Australia’s Fastest Growing Rewards Program

Mohmmad Shaikh
·3-min read

Rewards programs are highly popular in Australia, with almost 90% of people having signed up to at least one program and the average number of memberships being just over four per person. Consumers like the idea of being rewarded for their loyalty with discounts and rewards. It therefore makes sense for business owners to jump on the bandwagon and offer incentives, not only to keep regular customers happy, but also to entice new ones in. Creating special offers and discounts is certainly something that you can, of course, set up yourself, but there are simpler and more effective options.

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The Supreme Society Australia offers an enticing solution with potentially far-reaching benefits for your business. An Australian owned club membership and lifestyle rewards business, Supreme offers its exclusive membership rewards program to over 73,000 of its corporate members. Members receive a remarkably large variety of discounts, coupons and promotions that cannot be matched elsewhere.

The Supreme Society is a well-trusted and highly respected organization. With a focus on lifestyle, travel and tourism, electronics, small business tax agents, fashion, events, retail health and wellness, the platform is gearing up to become the gold standard of membership and lifestyle clubs.

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Members can take advantage not just of discounts, rewards and prizes, but also exciting events. Meet and greets complete with food, drinks and live entertainment are held monthly and quarterly across the country, allowing partners the opportunity to make presentations to hundreds of potential new customers. In addition, all partners have their branding on display at each event.

A partnership with the Supreme Society would provide your business with free advertising for your brand on all of their social media networks and their membership platform. And when it comes to social media, this organization is no newbie. Currently, they reach over 1.5 million people per week on Facebook and over 500,000 people per week on Instagram. With their investment of $500,000 per month into paid advertising and marketing, you will see your revenue grow as fast as your customer base.

If this in itself isn’t convincing enough, the Supreme Society website gets more than 250,000 page views per month, and between 2,500 to 3,500 new members are signing up every week.

As a Supreme Society partner, you would simply be required to offer members a small discount on your products and services after paying a one-time establishment fee of $99 for a lifelong partnership. At that point, your business will be recognised as a partner on the website, and members will be allowed access through the membership portal. Your brand will also be featured in Supreme’s monthly newsletter and on their Facebook and Instagram pages.