Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower: What Indians Can ‘See’ From Noida, Indore as Pollution is Less


Now that more and more people are staying indoors, is air quality in your city better?

While the total 21-day lockdown, designed to fight the spread of coronavirus, has brought the country to a sudden halt, many Indians are finding solace in an unexpected yet likely outcome. With automobiles and industrial work shut down, pollution levels across India have witnessed a drastic fall.

The most recent example has to be the spectacular view of the Dhauladhar mountain range from a rooftop in Jalandhar, Punjab. The snow-capped mountains, part of the Himalayan range in Himachal Pradesh, became visible to the naked eye as the level of toxic emissions have gone down in the city.

Not just Jalandhar. Several other metropolitan cities, like Delhi and Mumbai, have reported low pollution levels.In fact, with humans staying indoors, the animals have come out to play. From peacocks to elephants, there have been several incidents of wildlife taking to the streets in the absence of human beings.

With such incidents going viral, some netizens decided that they've had enough. A recent trend, started sarcastically, features people uploading morphed or fake photos of all the things they can "see" from their homes now that pollution is lower than it has ever been.

Take a look: